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Full text of "A search in secret Egypt"

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I.    A Night with the Sphinx                                                                       II
II.    The Desert Guardian                                                                             22
III.    The Pyramid                                                                                         36
IV.    A Night inside the Great Pyramid                                                          57
V.    With a Magician of Cairo                                                                     79 VI.    Wonder-working by Hypnotism                                                           97
VII.    An Interview with Egypt's Most Famed Fakir                                      115
VIII.    In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful                         127
IX.    An Interview with the Spiritual Head of the Muhammedans                 142
X.    In the Peace of Old Abydos                                                                 157
XI.    The Innermost Rite of Egyptian Temples                                             168
XII.   The Ancient Mysteries                                                                         182
XIII.    In the Temple of Dcnderah                                                                  195
XIV.    KarnakDays                                                                                       210 XV.    Karnak Nights                                                                                    225
XVI.    With Egypt's Most Famed Snake-charmer                                           238
XVII.    I Become a Snake-charming Dervish                                                   251
XVIII.    I Meet an Adept                                                                                 264
XIX.    The Tombs: an Adept's Solemn Message                                             277
Epilogue                                                                                            285